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15th International Conference "History, Philosophy, and Science Teaching"

Thank you for visiting the 2019 Biennial IHPST Conference Site!

Conference Venue: Tower of Education - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Conference Dates: July 15th – July 19th, 2019

Conference Topic:

Re-introducing science: Sculpting the image of science for education and media in its historical and philosophical background

The 15th International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Conference IHPST2019 is going to take place in Thessaloniki Greece from July 15th till July 19th 2019 ( The IHPST2019 Biennial Conference follows a tradition of 30 years of conferences in North America and Europe ( The conference functions as a forum for academics, researchers, PhD students and teachers coming from a variety of disciplines: history of science, philosophy of science, sociology of science and science education. A joint PhD Summer School also takes place on the first day of the conference (July 15th 2019) offering the opportunity of discussions between young and senior researchers. The International Journal Science & Education has supported the conference with special issues of selected and reviewed papers.

In 2019 the topic of the conference is: “Re-introducing science: Sculpting the image of science for education and media in its historical and philosophical background” providing a special focus on what science we communicate and how, the re-contextualization of scientific knowledge for media and education and the key backgrounds for science supported by history, philosophy and sociology of science that elaborate meaning driven by society and culture. This conference attempts to discuss the methods and environments where scientific theories are formed, the historical, philosophical and cultural contexts surrounding scientific ideas, the science-society interrelations, the values and attitudes encouraged in science and social ethics. Science needs to open towards society and to be re-introduced as a social and cultural activity to the public. To support this new image of science so many challenges lie ahead: sincere collaboration between specialists in history, philosophy, sociology and didactics of science to produce key-paradigms for contextualizing scientific knowledge, new teaching methods and educational design, digital and multimodal on-line science learning opportunities, typical and non-typical science education proposals.

In this context, historians of science, philosophers of science, sociologists, science education researchers, science museums educational programs developers, educators, science media designers and developers, curricula designers, PhD students and teachers are welcome to join the IHPST2019 Thessaloniki conference and present their work in oral or poster presentations, panels or symposia of 3-5 presentations and PhD research presentations. For more information please write to the conference email address ( or visit the IHPST2019 conference website (


Thursday, 10 January, 2019 - 09:30