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BBC News - Family & Education
Updated: 36 min 34 sec ago

Student Loans overpaid me: I'm struggling to pay it back

17 hours 1 min ago
Lottie could not afford rent and food after the Student Loans Company took back her overpayment.
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WCAT to be wound up after schools lost £2m in collapse

17 hours 12 min ago
Schools lost £2m when Wakefield City Academies Trust collapsed at the start of a new term.
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Housing crisis affects estimated 8.4 million in England - research

17 hours 39 min ago
Millions are in unaffordable or unsuitable homes, research for the National Housing Federation says.
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Warning on alcohol risk at university initiations

17 hours 40 min ago
Students starting university are told of the potentially fatal dangers of excessive drinking.
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Labour pledges to close private school 'tax loopholes'

Sun, 22/09/2019 - 19:18
Party members vote to commit to integrate private schools into the state sector.
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Night in national park 'for every schoolchild'

Sat, 21/09/2019 - 15:15
Independent review suggests new ideas to "re-ignite" England's protected landscapes.
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Ceara Thacker death: Mental health services 'failed student'

Fri, 20/09/2019 - 19:12
Ceara Thacker "fell through the cracks" between services before killing herself, her parents say.
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Climate protest: A very different kind of school trip

Fri, 20/09/2019 - 17:53
One school's experience of the London climate change strikes.
Categories: Διεθνή Media

Highbury College principal charged £150,000 to expenses account

Fri, 20/09/2019 - 17:09
Stella Mbubaegbu's spending is said to have included first-class flights and luxury headphones.
Categories: Διεθνή Media

GCSEs: 100,000 pupils a year leaving 'without basic qualifications'

Fri, 20/09/2019 - 13:10
Children's commissioner says there has been a "shameful" rise in teenagers without qualifications.
Categories: Διεθνή Media

Climate Strike: Protests expected across UK

Fri, 20/09/2019 - 12:43
Schoolchildren and workers are preparing for a walk-out to call for more action on climate change.
Categories: Διεθνή Media

LGBT teaching row: Ministers accused of 'radio silence' over protests

Fri, 20/09/2019 - 08:03
Dame Louise Casey says the government has put protests in Birmingham in the "all-too-difficult box".
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MPs demand action over wrongly-issued NHS fines

Fri, 20/09/2019 - 03:20
"Vulnerable" people are being fined over claims for free treatment at dentists and doctors, say MPs.
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Tooth decay: Parents 'put fizzy drinks' in baby bottles

Thu, 19/09/2019 - 16:35
While the number of children with tooth decay is falling, dentists say parents need more help.
Categories: Διεθνή Media

Sussex 'send ill kids to school' campaign sparks anger

Thu, 19/09/2019 - 12:05
The council says there are already 175 non-school days a year and it advises parents to be "pushy".
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Chesterfield school anxiety pupil 'treated like truant'

Thu, 19/09/2019 - 03:33
Fourteen-year-old Kai wants to go to classes but has only attended about 15 days since January.
Categories: Διεθνή Media

Extra school cash 'enough to reverse cuts'

Thu, 19/09/2019 - 03:25
Financial experts say schools are receiving a big funding boost - but only back to levels of a decade ago.
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Job applications 'filtered by university ranking'

Wed, 18/09/2019 - 03:57
Research suggests Russell Group graduates are more likely to walk straight into a job.
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Teachers 'have worked long hours for many years'

Wed, 18/09/2019 - 03:54
Reducing teachers' hours in England is likely to be difficult and may require "radical action", says study.
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Harrow school sets up online sixth form for global pupils

Wed, 18/09/2019 - 03:52
The historic private school is to teach A-levels over the internet for £15,000 per year.
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